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a homeowner s maintenance checklist - help prevent expensive roof damage o look for and repair separations and cracks in weather stripping and windows to prevent drafts o check the supply lines to your sinks and toilets and repair any leaks to prevent water waste o inspect the tiles in your kitchen bathroom etc and seal the grout this will keep the space looking its best, peak producers real estate training program - peak producers content just sitting in the training manual unused is worth 395 but applied consistently to any business it is easily worth 100 000 to 500 000 no doubt about it peak producers is truly a masterpiece in real estate training, 10 home repairs that can seriously break the bank - maintenance is the best way to avoid the most costly home repairs a few hours on the ladder cleaning out the gutters could save you thousands in foundation repairs a quick application of sealant on the driveway could buy a few more years before you have to repave the whole thing, spring cleaning home improvement and maintenance tips - however this maintenance is essential if you want to keep your home in tip top shape and avoid costly repairs the alternate marketing flyer features a helpful guideline demonstrating when to perform routine maintenance, 10 of the most expensive home repairs and how to avoid - buying a home involves a lot of expenses there are the obvious ones like the the down payment and monthly mortgage you also have to budget for closing costs and of course home insurance and you may have even started thinking about decorating or remodeling parts of your home sweet home but there s something else every homeowner needs to be prepared for expensive home repairs, proper grading and drainage prevents costly home repairs - prevent costly home repairs with proper grading and drainage standing water near your home s foundation caused by improper grading or faulty gutters and downspouts can cause damage including slab movement retaining wall failures and slope instabilities, 11 ways to avoid costly home repairs trouble signs - flip each circuit breaker at least once a year to prevent corrosion if problems continue call in a licensed electrician what it may cost 2 per three pronged outlet 300 to 500 for an electrical inspection and basic repairs replacing a medium sized home s faulty wiring typically costs 4 000 or more what you can save your life and home, prevent costly repairs get a home inspection alliance - prevent costly repairs get a home inspection most people don t even think about getting a home inspection unless they are looking to purchase a new property home inspections however can be a useful tool for a homeowner even if there is no plan to sell the property in the near future, six expensive home repairs you can avoid with a little - the cost of owning a home goes well beyond the price you paid for the house itself when something breaks you have to fix it and those repairs can be costly you can t foresee or avoid every